Lockdown picnics

Pause the fine dining, here’s to weather timing

Hello darlings,

With a rather roller-coaster few months, the team at rey have been (trying) to keep creative. We’ve been enjoying the simple joys and ever so often, checking that MetService app - to ensure the picnic outfit is sure to last the wind and rain.

With the little joys, return the importance of human connection. I don’t know about you, but the gratitude I have for my loved ones and friends has been recognised during the early days of lockdown. So along with making time to challenge the weather and book in a slot to see that favourite bubble, I present a few highlighted moments from the bubbly experiences I have embarked on.

We hope this resonates with you, builds a friendly weekend idea or simply inspires that next delightful outfit.

Much love,

Julianna xox


Lockdown picnics


Pause the fine dining, here’s to weather timing
By Julianna Permitin

A roadie, well kind of

Although getting to know my new neighbourhood has had its perks, there’s nothing quite like a road trip. Especially slowly coming out of that winter mood where the hibernation station was among us. Blasting 00’s throwbacks, driving up to Omaha with one thing in mind - oysters! It’s been a hot minute since a Waiheke catch of the day order. 

We couldn’t really believe the level of reset we felt just driving 30 minutes out of the city. What I would suggest is that you pack everything you can, I mean everything. That bikini (which is much more snug than last summer, because the Ottolenghi cookbook has been doing its job), jacket, towel, sunscreen, umbrella, pea snaps, you name it. This cheeky weather is simply beyond unpredictable and ladies, I don’t know about you but I like a colour coded calendar and a plan, so naturally The Love You Forever, Knot is the perfect friend to ensure you fit all you can. 


Backyard bottomless brunch 

Originally, planning jeans and a cute top, the group chat delivered a “why not dress the part?” Besides the obvious, this was a brilliant idea. On top of deciding on the ratio of OJ and prosecco, the most exciting moment was finally blowing off the dust from my ‘going out’ side of the closet. With sweatpants being on rotation for the past few months, I said a welcome back to my RUBY firebird, high waisted flares. Ultimately, perfect for croissant consumption.

From there, you really can embody the bottomless brunch environment - expect generous portions of food and no hefty price tag. You can also decide the timings between your drinks, without the constant pressures of the two hour dine time. A long lunch is a dangerous time to be my credit card - alas, no issues here. One note is keeping the neighbours at peace, I’d suggest some contactless cookie deliveries ahead of the brunch-o-clock clicking over. Not everyone appreciates five females belting out ‘More Than A Woman’, by the Bee Gees.

Distanced dating 

By definition you wouldn’t have imagined that the words romance and lockdown could boogie to the same beat, but here we are. Level four showed a few care packages, Uber Eats Face-time dates, flower deliveries, car jump starts, and now dating has taken a (petite) upgrade in my flat (yaaaay!). You may not be able to attend that candle lit, vibey restaurant you had your first date at, but even grabbing some Duck Island at a distance feels like a win. What a time to look back to how far you’ve come. There’s a lot more planned post lockdown than sharing an espresso martini with a pen pal gentleman, kudos to you lockdown and cupid!

I never really felt like there was much energy around parks in the big concrete jungle we live in, but with the current environment it's truly been reminding me of a London summer’s day. Bit of Tame Impala playing from neighbours UE Booms, picnic blankets out and about and you see the community supporting their local restaurants. In saying that, I hear Hotel Ponsonby is doing takeaway coconut margaritas, you had me at hello. 

Picnic dates are not a first rodeo any more. I’ve managed to skill up in one arm carrying a blanket and takeaways, while The Staple in ivory keeps everything else I need, in place. Plus there aren’t many pairings of handbags that can bring the mom jeans to life. Can we also give a shout out to the baby steps with getting back into jeans again?


Porch plats and chats

One of my lovely girlfriends came over for a porch hello, bottle of vino and naturally there had to be a cheese board in sight (not for long). When we were catching up on all the deep and meaningfuls, we realised just how little we really need to spend quality time together. 

You don’t always need that boujee restaurant booking, to value the time and conversation to flow. I mean I wouldn’t say no to a duck risotto but the point being that it really is all about the company. We made a promise to continue making it easy for each other during the weekdays. So when freedom comes around, the porch will be a recurring space for some G O S S and catch ups. Who says you can’t dress up on your own front porch? 


I think the main takeaway from these creative ideas is simply the appreciation that we can now spend moments with loved ones. There are definitely days where throwing a bean bag into the backyard is more than enough, because it's about the person you’re with. Perhaps this is the truth about what the circumstances are teaching us. When you remove the glitz and glam, who are the people that are standing opposite you, while your heart is still full?  


Images sourced via Pinterest