Summer Collection 22'

Summer Collection 22'

Hello gorgeous human,

We’ve announced something truly special to rey’s journey - the launch of the Summer Collection 2022!

After a whirlwind of a year with many twists and turns, Miky and Ella took the slow down to do the opposite - put their energy and passions into bringing you a very heartfelt launch, to elevate the long awaited festivities.

From rearranging my wardrobe, placing all of those monochromes to the back, saying “see ya” to the mom jeans and kissing my leather booties good-bye. It’s time for a new chapter. It’s time to rip the tags off that ‘for a special time’ dress I bought, bring out the florals, pinks, yellows, greens - and say hello, to a very special time in the calendar.

To let you in, the launch pays homage to the time we had to reset, the disconnect from loved ones but also to the NOW, a time to clink those bubbly glasses and hug your pals.

I remember jumping on the phone to Miky where she and Ella were in the planning stages of the collection. She was saying “each bag resembles a moment that we’ve all experienced, the cocktail round when the sun sets, the boogie to your favourite song whilst you know you’ll be scrubbing those sneakers from the dust at the festival. These will be the highlights you look back on in May next year, from your Instagram archives.”

Speaking of moments, we took the time to think of our personal look forwards..

Ella: It’s that Friday long lunch, turned into tiddly evening wines. It’s laughter with friends & family. It’s loud music & long nights. A summer with my four month old water babe & her (hot) daddy! This season, to me, is all about family and friends and I can’t wait to spend my days with them.

Miky: Summer is my favourite season of the year, where the best memories are made. I love the heat and the fact that our calendars are always filled with social commitments - on top of spending time with my husband and daughter. I hope to fill my cup with day trips out of Auckland and find a little bit of ‘me time’ amongst the chaos to read a little.

For me, it's finally getting to spend time (byeeee e-dating) with my amazing boyfriend and all of our beautiful friends - booking a beach house, listening to live music and finding a few coastal walks out of Auckland. My best writing comes when I am looking at a view, so I’m excited to lounge with my journal between the swims and potlucks. 

Ella, who is amongst the details and final touches of the brand says that “each piece reflects a simple, yet elevated aesthetic. With our removable brass-finish chains, no matter what piece you choose it’ll take you from dawn to dusk.”

That is just that. We’re beyond excited to introduce you to rey’s new members. Say hello to:

Save The Date - She's iconic, she's versatile and she's guaranteed to accompany you to all the festive celebrations this season. 


Life of the Party - This one is designed with the warmer evenings in mind. Whether it's sipping sangria with friends in the sunshine or that music festival with your extended friend group. 

Life of the Party

This One’s on Me - We know how amazing it feels to spoil your gal pals with a round of cocktails.. 

This one's on Me

From Me, To Me - You’ve met before. Our most coveted and loved piece in two new colourways.

From Me, to Me

But there’s more! Miky and Ella will be positioned in Ponsonby Central until the 24th December for you to make friends with the new members of the rey, the label line. 

So with this, we wish you a beautiful, safe and memorable holiday break.

With love,

Julianna & rey xox