As we welcomed our new collection Para Siempre, we also were lucky enough to make a new friend of rey. A fashion leader, change maker, entrepreneur and genuine ray of energy - we chatted to Siposetu Duncan on what ‘brand’ really means, where inspiration is grounded from and of course, what is sitting in her essentials bag. 

What is your youngest memory of being or feeling creative, and realising that this is something you are going to use as your superpower?

I grew up in a very creative household. My earliest memory was being six years old and drawing pictures all the time. I will say that it all started when I would play dress-up and pretend I was on the fashion runway..

Favourite season to dress for? 

It has to be winter! Right now, I love the winter layers, playing around with different types of warm clothing and the beauty of layers, is that you get to wear them all at once! 

You aren’t afraid to wear bright colours and patterns, but also have pieces which are monochrome or neutral. Where does most of your fashion influence and brand come from?

My influence for fashion is definitely mood-based. Generally, I innovate my own style. I just know what I like, suit, feel good in - so I go with it and it tends to be in the moment. But in terms of my day-to-day influence, that is down to them ‘feels’ (that gut feeling we all know and should trust).

When it comes to inspiration for me, it does come from other sources like travel. We’ll be going to New York in just a few months. My Pinterest board is filled with NYC inspired styles - I’m inspired by so many New Yorkers. I’ve heard that different boroughs have their own style and vibe and I’m so excited to see that for myself, explore the streets; and meet people who I’ve connected with on Instagram.

When it comes to my brand I tend to focus more so on ‘image’ in relation to my reputation, style & the standard I carry. I guess this is then tied into my overall ‘brand.’ I don’t think everyone needs to have a ‘brand’ necessarily working in media, but rather standards that they carry everyday. 


You started an extraordinary movement turned business, an agency called Things in Common - a New Zealand first agency that represents a community of Black creatives. What was that moment for you when you realised you were going to do something yourself?

It came to me when we realised there was a definite need for this. We wanted to solve a problem in the creative industry that was centred around the under-representation of our Black community. Today, I am working on a few projects that are under wraps - very excited to share when they are ready.

What does the word ‘armour’ mean to you? 

My armour is my family. They keep me grounded and remind me that I am capable, strong and made for a time like this. 

And lastly, what is always sitting in your handbag? 

Licence, bank card, lip gloss & perfume! You never know who you’re going to see, and it’s always nice to smell goooood - which all sit perfectly in my Ivory Luna bag


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