Daylight savings is here, thank the heavens! This month, as the days get longer, the sky gets brighter and the flowers get more vibrant - we welcome the face and founder of Blush Flowers, Kelly Karam. She’s been in the business for over 10 years and has really done it all - and apparently you don't always have to have a plan, some things can just ‘flourish’ by a beautiful accident.. 
Speaking of beautiful news, from Wednesday the 5th October, we will now be stocked on the Blush website, so keep an eye out.



Welcome to They Say, By Rey - we are in awe of what you have done with Blush over the years. Can you take us back to how it all started for you to where you are now?
I have always been super creative but in my late teens, I accidentally fell into flower making after dabbling in fashion, makeup and hair. Blush started as solely flowering weddings from home. I was self taught and back then, it was a pretty small industry so I was able to create a nice space for us. Fast forward a few years, I had now done flowers for the Louis Vuitton Cup Series. It was amazing and brought so many exciting huge events to NZ - it really grew our awareness.
Today, we have a retail space in Commercial Bay and much of our work is done via online. We also have a private studio space where we create our wedding and event flowers from. 
We know how much flowers can uplift any mood, occasion or living space. What is the first thing you look for when it comes to collating the perfect bouquet for a close and dear friend, does it come from their personality, their taste perhaps? 
Yes it always comes down to both their taste and personality. For me, I have friends that would prefer to receive a simple bouquet of tulips, or others that would rather a mixed bouquet. All in all though, I think the surprise of flowers is really what makes flowers (as a gift) so special as we don't tend to really buy them for ourselves. For us, that's why we like to make our packaging special too as it really adds the “delight” aspect of gift giving.

On the topic of gifts, tell us why flowers and handbags are the ultimate gift for someone.. 
What's not to love?!?!?! We love Rey, the Label as they are so sizable and the palette is lush, pair one with a Blush carrier and it's the ultimate gift.
We’ve heard that a very recognised Carrie Bradshaw is your fashion muse. It’s pretty clear that fashion, art and creativity come close to floristry. How did you find your lane of passion before jumping into the business - did you follow any inspiration, person, event or alike that sparked this? 
I studied fashion design, loved art. I was always very inspired by what fashion houses do with floral to set the tone for their shows. Similar to how Dior have for years, or more recently Lowes’ amazing show themed around Anthurium flowers incorporated into wearable pieces and hand bags. 
It’s always on the to-do to ‘treat yourself’ and buy a gorgeous bouquet/ or two from the local markets. What is a combination of florals you always reach for, for your own home space? Something you simply can’t go wrong with..
This is very hard. I like flowers en masse like tulips, sweet peas or even roses (yes, very much a classic but they’re beautiful). I also don't think you beat a single orchid stem in a vase.



This year you celebrated Blush’s 10th birthday (a big congrats!!), what is something you would tell yourself ten years ago when starting your own project turned business - a little slice of advice, reassurance, tip. Would you change anything?
Thank you! Yikes, I think I could write a book actually. I think the biggest thing would be to surround yourself with people that have the skills you lack. I am not a business person with those learnt skills. I'm a florist, yet I have had to navigate my way to becoming a businesswoman, and when I first began I never considered that would be the case. I don't really get the chance to get my hands dirty each day anymore, but I do save up getting creative for weddings and events and I still love it - like I did from day dot.
Work / life balance, meditation, yoga, journaling - we’ve heard it all. Do you believe in it and how do you make time for ‘me time’, in a world and environment when it's pretty tricky to switch off from your own business? What is your secret sauce?
Once again, yikes. Those are all the things I'm meant to be doing!!! Currently, an infrared sauna is my go-to. I read or listen to a podcast AND I silence my phone and hang out with my son. I have to remind myself that the workload will always be heavy and it will always be there. So stop and smell those roses, be present. 
Can you let us in on what has been a career highlight, maybe a destination wedding, a romantic proposal, iconic birthday…?
Yes, the hydrangea house will be forever special. It was in the peak of summer and very scary ensuring the Hydrangeas were at their best for the afternoon ceremony. 
What are you currently reading/ listening to/ watching that you would most definitely force your gal pals to also get involved with? 
Reading: Anna, The Biography (on Anna Wintour) 
Watching: Bad Sisters 
Listen to: The Deep
    When it comes to being on the go, we are sure you are always on the move. What sits put in your bag and doesn’t leave? 
    A couple of lipsticks (options!), lip balm, sunglasses, ear buds - which all fit well in ALL of my Rey, the Label styles.

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