We’re excited to have and introduce Laura Hadlow as our new Marketing & Social Manager for Rey. Hello Laura! You might recognise her from her instagram and divine fashion taste, @laurahadlow. 

As with any new pal coffee catch up, we want to get to know you a little. How did you come to be in a fashion-led role, where did it all begin for you?

Thank you! I’m excited to be part of the team. I studied a Bachelor of Communications Studies and a Bachelor of Business (double majoring in Advertising and MARS (marketing, advertising, retail and sales).

You could say that I have had a passion for all things fashion whether it was styling an outfit, going shopping or working in a fashion environment - really from the beginning. I worked as a retail assistant at an Australian designer boutique down in Britomart which was my dream job at the time. On top of this, during university, I was a PR intern at Showroom 22. After being exposed to the world of fashion through a PR lens, I began sharing more fashion inspired content on my Instagram channel. I finished off my degree with work experience at Maggie Marilyn directly under the Marketing Manager.

It’s so important to make the most of your time at university to build experience and discover what you enjoy most which helps when searching for a role. After I graduated, I went on to co-found my own fashion label with my best friend. We ran the label for just over a year and it was one of the best learning experiences I have had to date. From starting a company, growing an engaged audience, creating & designing garments - the list goes on. One of the coolest experiences was travelling to NYC for fashion week…. classified “business expense.”

Today, I work as a freelance brand advisor & PR strategist with a select group of clients as well as manage my own personal social platforms. 

Deciding what to connect with for a full time job can be tricky, do you have any pointers on how to find the ‘right path’ and balance between passion and hustle? 

I feel very fortunate to have a job that I absolutely love, so it’s a beautiful balance between passion and hustle. My top tip would be focusing on what makes you feel productive and accomplished. When I feel successful in my job, I am my happiest - I love being busy, but only when I am doing something I enjoy.


You have a beautiful mix of luxury and trend pieces, how do you make the decision on investment or needing that fashion fix, we all know too well? 

Thank you! As I get older and my style (and budget) evolves, I do prefer to invest in quality items that will last me more than a few seasons. However, I do still look to more affordable stores to build my wardrobe like COS for knitwear, ARKET for basics, and Levis for jeans. 

You look like you have really had some beautiful overseas travel over the years. Now that we can book flights again (woohoo!), what is your favourite destination and how do you pack the best fits with a kg limit? 

I have been very fortunate to visit lots of beautiful places. I am really looking forward to visiting my family in Croatia for the summer, hopefully I’ll get there next year. When I did a Euro-summer in 2018, I think I packed 35 light summer dresses. So definitely do NOT look at me for packing advice! Eeek I always overpack.

But if you were to listen to me, it would be to roll fold everything. I actually put them into different compartments within my suitcase using drawstring canvas bags - the rey, the label dust bags are perfect for this.

Congratulations on your recent engagement! We all love a dreamy engagement story. Did you know it was coming? Take us through how it all came to life

Haha, well my fiancé (still seems so strange to say that) and I have been together since we were 17, our first proper date was actually on my 17th birthday!

Fast-forward 8.5 years, we popped on a plane to Hawaii for our first holiday post-covid. I had a feeling it was coming as we had looked at rings together the year before. On the second night, we went out for a beautiful dinner at La Mer, overlooking the sunset and ocean. We started the evening with caviar & champagne. Just as I was freaking out about how to eat my caviar without making a fool of myself in this very fancy restaurant (AKA texting my mum asking if I can use my hands to pick up the blini).. he got down on his knee.

It felt so surreal! The couple sitting next to us ended up covering our champagne for the evening which made it seem more like a scene from a rom movie. 

At rey, we are all about being unapologetically yourself and leading your style as an armour. What item of clothing is your armour and has it changed over the years? 

I love that. I always feel my most confident self when I like my outfit. So rather than a specific item, it would have to be a full ensemble. My style has definitely changed over the years, I used to love wearing lots of patterns and colour and now I tend to lean more towards neutrals - but regardless, if I like my outfit, I definitely feel like I can conquer the day.

Putting your life on social media isn’t always positive and vibrant, how do you stay grounded and true to yourself? 

Instagram is a highlight reel for sure. I am lucky to have a very supportive partner, family and friends. Social media is one of my jobs but more than anything it will always be a creative outlet for me to share parts of my life, in a very ‘in the moment way’ - which takes the pressure off needing it to be ‘perfect’.

 What sits in your daily essentials bag?

Work: My laptop, an organised life diary, an apple, sparkling water, velvet scrunchies, buttermilk accessories, hair claw and my car keys. I throw it all into my bag and off I go. 

Night out: Red lipstick my favourite colour is Gucci Rouge à Lèvres, gum, credit card, ID and my phone, because it’s usually a petite bag, like the From Me, To Me.

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