Welcome back to yet another ‘They Say, by Rey’ where we introduce you to some of our new friends, visionaries and muses. Matisse Perkins, is all of the above - as a photographer, stylist, writer, health advocate (what doesn’t she do?) Matisse tells her stories through photography and words. Based in Sydney, she is one to look out for and we are so excited to introduce her.. If you haven’t already heard her name or snapped up one of her outfits.



Firstly, we can’t help but notice that you were traveling in the sunshine and constant golden hour of Europe (background: currently seated in a cold villa, with the warmth of a heat pump - you could say we are a little envious), where are you right now and what’s the one thing you are enjoying in your routine, that you just can’t get back home? 

I am currently back home in Sydney! So unfortunately the glow of Europe has finished. I think the thing I miss about my travel routine is waking up every morning with something new to explore everyday, something that really ignites a fire in my soul. I loved walking around, taking a breath and just immersing myself in the culture and the people, which isn’t something I get to do very often as when I am home as I get super busy with work and life!

You have had a journal-like-platform called Matisse Musing for a while now, what sprouted this idea and how has it evolved when you first started?

Firstly, I started sharing on Instagram some of my journey with wellness and mental health. I had such a great response from my friends and followers, that I slowly started building Matisse’s Musings. It took me about a year to develop the website and fine tune all of the details. Since launching, I have learnt that my best writing is done when I am truly feeling inspired. I actually don’t plan out my posts anymore. I write when I am feeling passionate and I find that my readers feel that energy alongside.

Writing is super dear to you (and me). Keeping a journal is something we all did back in the day, an art form you always see in movies - but let’s be real, it's easy to forget to do and let the dust grow on that diary, that sits pretty on your bedside. How do you continue this practice and what benefits do you see for yourself? 

When I was a teenager I found it so easy to journal everyday, I think because I didn’t know any other way to express myself. It used to be such an outpouring and release of emotions. These days I love using journaling for self exploration and the best way to do this is with journal prompts. For anyone who doesn't know what journal prompts are, they are questions or ideas that help you focus on what to write. I usually find mine on Pinterest and I try to do one of these a day, sometimes my fiancé and I will do one together before we go to sleep.

We love how you call yourself an ‘introverted creative’, how you found this within yourself? 

I have always been a very creative person. From a young age I dove into photography, creative writing, fashion design and art. My mum was always prompting me to join an art class or a writing group but I have always preferred to create alone. I also find much of my inspiration from my inner thoughts and ideas, rather than bouncing off others and their energy.

We know that with the likes of trends, social life, work schedules.. It can be pretty tricky to stay level headed and in our own stride. As a perfectionist that wants to be her authentic self, how do you balance the two and how is that authenticity applied in your day to day? 

I have very particular ideas of what perfection is and I am always struggling with my ideas of perfection and what that means within my self identity. I am hard on myself when it comes to the parts of me that are ‘messier’ or ‘less together’ than I would like them to be. I think that is a part of embracing my authentic self, by waking up every morning and accepting my flaws, my mistakes and trying to be a little kinder to myself, trusting myself and my intuition.

Your fashion is timeless but you also have that flair for ‘affordable finds’ - can you share a little secret or the latest dupe you found, that we need to be across?

Thank you! Lately my biggest passion is finding second hand blazers. Vintage has been on its way back in the past few years and you can find some amazing structured and quality blazers from local op-shops or depop and I love them 100% more than buying an ‘affordable’ version. Bonus that they are much more authentic and sustainable. I think buying dupes can be a really amazing way to try out a fashion trend before investing in the authentic piece - In saying that I think really fine tuning your personal style will help you buy more mindfully and personally.



We really respect how openly you speak about health on your own channels and your own experiences. What does the definition mean to you and most of all, can you share anything from your own journey which ‘past you’ would really benefit from hearing? 

Mental health and physical health are so incredibly intertwined that I don’t believe you can’t look after one without the other. We are all challenged in different ways mentally throughout our life. It could come from stress from work, the death of a loved one or a poor diet. It comes in so many forms-  so learning healthy coping mechanisms, healthy routines and even how to communicate with others is essential for your mental health and alot of people don’t have the education or resources to help themselves. I try to share as much as I can so that others can hopefully avoid some of the pain I went through because when you come out the other side, life is so so incredible. As a young person I had a lot of people say all the right things, but when you are so deep in that hole it can be hard to believe what people are saying. One of the biggest things I think I needed to hear was that I was loved (although it sounds cheesy). You can never tell someone you love them too many times. You could have told me “things will get better” a million times and the voice in my head would never believe it and “what did it matter if I was unlovable?” I wish I could just tell her everyday that she is loved, a million times over.

Now whether you are on the run to your next shoot, event or date night - what is always sitting in your bag (besides the camera equipment of course)?

My handbag is the plethora of essentials. 

    • I ALWAYS have my Aqauphor healing ointment, I use it as lip balm, I’ll pat some on my under eyes or high of my cheeks for glow or any dry spots. It is a god send. 
    • Rescue remedy, if I am ever feeling stressed or overwhelmed, is always my go to. 
    • I love having a little snack in my bag - my favourite at the moment is Health Lab’s protein balls for a sweet treat and pick me up. 
    • My film camera is a must! 
    • My travel size Chanel perfume I got in Paris for spritz on the go. 
Oh and always a pen to write down blog ideas, to do lists - I always prefer writing things down so I always have heaps of little notes floating around in my bag.


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