Brogan Scott is a creative, artist, illustrator - who has partnered with some of the leading local designers, worked up divine designs that steal the show at the most beautiful weddings, events and has had her art sold across the internet. We sat down with Brogan and chatted about the starting point of creativity, what we MUST do with our Christmas hosting this year, and above all - how with any wish, career goal or journey.. it’s not always an overnight path, but you will get there.. 


Here at rey, we admire your unique and eye-catching style of art.. on paper, clothing or digital - we're here for all of it! We would love to start off by finding out how long you've been amongst art for and how you found your unique style? Is it similar to finding, say, your personalised handwriting? 

I have always had a passion for art and anything tactical since childhood. I actually nearly didn’t go down the creative route, as all the older girls at school always complained about how much work you have to do as an art student. I totally regretted that decision when I saw all the work the art class was producing. So, when I changed schools three years later, I decided to choose art as my main subject. I ended up graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. But it took me around six years to finally go full-time working for myself.

On the style front, I am constantly exploring different ways to interpret everyday objects and scenes around us. I get bored quite quickly, so I want to ensure that I am not creating the same thing every project and am constantly evolving my style, so I don’t have a ‘set’ style as such.

How do you make sure you stay driven and continue creating unique pieces? 

I have always wanted art to be my career, in some form or another. That alone drives me as I get to do it everyday, full time. I also have a never-ending list of things to do, which I make sure I tick off at least one thing a day. I love the feeling of crossing things off the list. Even if it's just a reminder to reach out to someone or check my DM’s. It creates a routine that is an absolute must so I can dedicate time to my creative process and ensure I'm not missing out on important deadlines and tasks. 

There’s nothing quite as captivating as fashion and art being used in synergy to tell a creative story. How does that work for you, to ensure your own style/ vision is balanced within? 

When working with clients, it's easy to fall down the path where it’s not in line with your own brand, and you start producing something they already have in their heads. I don’t think that is a bad thing! As long as I enjoy myself while making it, I believe it will always have my own sprinkle of flavour and link back to my core style.

You’ve collaborated with iconic New Zealand fashion brands in the past. For our community who are inventing awesome opportunities for themselves, like you have done - what are your top tips for making these happen on your own? 

Always say YES!

I hear a lot of people saying no to opportunities as they don’t think they have the skills or convince themselves that they can’t do it. I have been in many situations where I take the time to learn as I go, and I always do a better job than I initially thought. It’s nice to surprise yourself with the work that you can do. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out first. If there is a brand you see yourself aligned with and have an idea about - reach out to them and start a conversation. You would be surprised how often they come back saying yes, and the work can start from there.

We can imagine that a piece doesn’t always happen overnight, what is your thought process from brief, to final design/ product?

Get pen to paper ASAP! I always find my last idea/concept is always the one I end up using down the line, so it’s best not to start with a ‘polished concept’. Let it build and happen naturally, as you go through the creative process. 

Not overthinking is crucial. Making art is essentially lots of mark makings, adding up together to make a bigger picture. If I make a mistake, I go with it and keep going, that's where I usually find the good stuff. 

What has been a challenge for you, whether during your study, work, even past year or so - what did you learn from it?

I think anyone who has experienced the last three years would say Covid. The biggest challenge in the past year was the decision to leave my full-time job and work towards the goal of working for myself. It’s daunting taking the risk, not just emotionally but financially, going from a full-time salary income to a part-time income and focusing more time on my creative projects. I'm very fortunate that it only took me a year to get up on my feet to be able to reach this goal!

I learnt that you really have to take risks if you want a certain type of life and lifestyle. I always knew I wanted to work for myself, it didn’t just happen overnight, but it did happen.

We know that sometimes we are our biggest critics which can result in a tricky time in making decisions - whether what colour jeans to buy, or what career step to take. Surely you must work with a few versions of one piece before you send that ‘final’ off - how do you make that decision, is it your gut, flipping a coin or..? 

I always tell myself that a good artist knows when to put a paint brush down. It’s very easy to overwork, but I definitely get this gut feeling when I know a piece is finished. When I’m on the fence about whether a piece is finished, I usually go to sleep and come back to it the next day with fresh eyes. It’s really important to give art breathing space similar to a palate cleanser - like coffee beans or ginger, and mine is shutting my eyes.

Hosting season is coming up: Friendmas, Secret Santa, work drinks - the calendar is filling up quickly. What are some things we can do from home, to create an unforgettable hosting experience - take your incredible personalised name cards, menus. Where can we get cute paper and what crayons/ inks would you recommend for someone, a little more in the beginner stage but wanting to impress their guests?

I always recommend Gordon Harris for art supplies as they have amazing entry level products, which don’t skimp on quality. Pinterest is also your best friend to find inspiration on what to create! The best way to create an unforgettable hosting experience is to be present and have fun. Don’t overthink the small details and spend hours stressing over what people think. Be your authentic self and have fun with it! 

If you were a colour, which one would you be and why? Do you think you reach for colours that are reflective of your mood and do you have an opinion on colour psychology or how it impacts us? 

I think if you ask any of my friends, they would probably say green, and I would have to agree. I always find myself gravitating towards green in clothing, interiors and art. My mum’s home is adorned with various indoor plants showcasing many shades of green so I have always found it a very soothing colour that I love to surround myself with. Colour does impact us in some way, and it’s an important idea to keep in the back of my head, when creating artwork for client's or people's homes.

Now last but not least, we are all really intrigued by what a fine arts gal carries in her bag daily - I’ve always imagined a case with gorgeous watercolours, where you can park up in the sunshine when a ray of inspo hits.. Am I wrong?

Haha, I am lucky enough to have a studio now, so my art supplies have a forever home and I now no longer have to pack and unpack everything. However you will find me with: 

  • My iPad
  • I have horrific short-term memory, so nearly every item in my hand bag will have a tile or apple tag, from my makeup bag to my AirPods. 
  • If I am going away for a week or so, I will always bring my favourite watercolour brushes and paper just in case I get hit by inspiration.
  • My phone’s camera is also an essential tool, whenever I see a flower or still-life composition, I always remember to take a snap to reference later on. 

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