With the biggest grins on our faces, we welcome the first journal of 2024 and long time lover of rey, the label - Georgia Burt. Georgia hosts the Jam Packed Workday at iconic New Zealand radio station & CEO's of #girlmath, ZM. 
You had a big 2023 with some epic travels, your exciting engagement and conquering a year since your battle with cancer. What were your top 3 highlights of 2023?
It's been such a special year and honestly, all 3 of those are my top highlights. Being healthy and finally getting engaged to my partner of 9+ years just a week before travelling Europe with him! We have definitely been living on cloud 9 and honestly, still am and will be for a wee while - it's definitely going to be a tough year to beat! 
Working in radio is so unique from a regular 9-5 job, how did you find yourself in the industry and was it always your goal from a young age? 
Working in radio and being an announcer was always what I wanted to do. I was accepted into the New Zealand Broadcasting School at Ara straight out of high school in Christchurch. After a year and a half, I was lucky enough to get an early internship at ZM doing promotions and on air for ZM's Night Show, which then lead to a full time job on the night show for a couple of years. From there I tried my hand at producing, before getting a job I love hosting ZM's Jam Packed Workday every weekday from 9am to 3pm. It feels pretty awesome to be able to say that to be honest!
From working in various industries, we know what it's like to have novelties of your job wear off. After so many years in the radio industry, what parts of your job do you still find yourself thinking "pinch me!"? 
There are some pretty epic perks of the job - concerts, movies, travel and the people I get to meet. It's weird to say since it's part of the job and something I'm used to (which sounds silly) but a novelty that will never wear off will always be the celebs I've met haha. Actually, as I’m thinking about it now, I'm like, “how is this part of my job?!”. It's also super rewarding whenever I give away prizes on air to listeners across New Zealand, I can tell it makes their day and it seriously makes mine. Yeah I know.. sounds cheesy! 
Any up and coming artists we should start adding to our playlists? 
Megan Moroney and Alana Springsteen, both pop/country singers who have the most incredible voices. Keeping it Kiwi though, Kaylee Bell and Cassie Henderson are two of my favourites you need to add to your playlist - serious talent!
Okay.. purely because we're nosey.. who are some of your favourite celebs and musicians you've met?! 
Okay, gotta start with one of my fave artists - Morgan Wallen! I mean, how did that even happen?! Shawn Mendes was just as you'd expect, lovely. Meeting Billie Eilish was pretty cool as it was right before she blew up. Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa, Halsey, Kelsea Ballerini. Oh okay, I'm also so lame, but I was blimmin' stoked when I met The Inspired Unemployed when they came to New Zealand. Plus Kevin Hart was amazing! Alright, I'll stop now haha. 
As we mentioned before, what an incredible year and an incredible rock on your finger! You are going to make the most beautiful bride. How have you been enjoying the wedding planning and any advice for newly engaged readers?
Aw stop, so kind! Thank you. I'm absolutely loving the planning process! So far we've locked in our date, venue, catering and photographer/videographer. Nearly booked in make-up and flowers but just slowly chipping away at the rest. I’m learning so much along the way, maybe I’ll have some more advice once we’re married but right now I’d say to other newly engaged couples starting their wedding planning, book your "big rocks" (venue, date, photographer) for the wedding early, then just enjoy being engaged. It's such a happy and surreal time that I'm really lapping up, cause it's going so quickly! 
We've been loving a few non-traditional wedding trends lately; different dresses for bridesmaids, food trucks instead of sit down meals, Espresso Martini towers, both parents walking the bride down the aisle - all sorts! Are there any trends you've come across during your Pinterest deep diving that you're loving?
So many, you can seriously spend hours and hours on Pinterest when it comes to wedding planning. I have always been obsessed with bright colours, oranges, pinks, yellows, they make me so happy! Lately I've also been loving the use of bows on everything but know that's a popular trend for this season and may be dated by the time it’s our turn. In terms of something a bit different, we’re still working on that and I might keep it a surprise!
While 2023 was a dreamy year for you, 2022 saw you through a tough health battle with Myxoid Liposarcoma, a rare cancer of the fat which can travel through your blood. It’s scary to use the 'C' word on any occasion but we're so happy to hear you are cancer free. Although it wasn’t an easy road to get there with an intense and long radiation journey. How has your perspective changed since going through this? Are there any parts of your life you felt extra grateful for after your cancer journey? 
It’s made me appreciate life more - I know it sounds very cliche to say but it's true. Firstly, I'm grateful to be healthy and getting regular check ups to keep on top of it. Secondly, words can't even explain how lucky I am for the people in my life and the kindness they showed during and after... Gosh it's making me tear up even writing this. My ZM family very quietly set up a dinner roster, each night someone from work would swing by with a meal for myself and my partner. The food was amazing but every night was a reminder of how much support was around me.
I went into radiation on my 28th birthday and the nurses had hung up decorations, it was crazy to feel so much love in an objectively scary place but reflecting on that journey now, I am so beyond grateful. 
It's my goal in life to be a positive person and lighten people’s days, but during this time it was everyone else who did that for me and I don't know how I'll ever be able to truly thank them.
And fast forwarding, as a summer lover, what are your plans for the next few months of summer and any favourite spots we should look into? 
I am spending half my summer holidays in the South Island, mainly in ChCh then just winging where and what we do down there. Normally we have everything planned, so this year it'll be nice to cruise and make it up as we go along. We will head back to Auckland for the ASB Classic, which we head to every year! And then I’m keen to pack up the car and go camping. Really, all I'm holding out for is a hot and sunny summer (fingers crossed haha..).
You are such a ray of sunshine and a pleasure to know, thank you so much for taking the time to share your words with our rey, the label family. As we always finish our journals, what would we find in your hand bag right now? No cheating. 
It’s been such a pleasure being a part of your journal, thank you! Haha I'm not even kidding, you've got me on a good day with my handbag... Okay so - my wallet, RayBan sunnies, phone, nail file (never know when you're gonna need it), Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour lip balm (IYKYK), a gingham headband (literally no idea why), Kindle and my keys.

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