This month we welcome Liam Sharma, to the rey family. Head of PR and Partnership for local skincare brand, Emma Lewisham - alongside being a co-editor of one of our coveted and fave magazines, Sauce. Liam has recently shifted over to Sydney, setting up a new and vibrant chapter in his life. We talk about skincare, moving overseas, that ‘big break’ we are all waiting for - and not needing to fit in!
Hi Liam, it’s been quite a crazy start to 2023, how are you going? what’s been on your plate this year so far?
Yes! It’s been such a big year already, not just for me, but I feel like everyone I love, and who I speak to is feeling it. It seems like we’re all just going through it and trying to get by. I’m really focussed on Emma Lewisham right now and championing our world-leading brand grounded, in the highest calibre of science.
You look like you are living and working the most exciting fashion and beauty career - with names like Sauce Mag, Emma Lewisham, RUBY. What would you say was your ‘big break’, how did you get here?
That’s very kind! I haven’t had my big break yet, I’m scratching the surface still. Like a fresh kid. I know there is more left in me. I do what I love right now. I don’t want to change anything, I just want to make it bigger. I love Emma Lewisham. I love Sauce. RUBY is family. Everything is changing and evolving, so I am so excited to change with it and see what I can achieve in the coming years.
As part of the great exit, you’ve recently settled into Sydney - what would you say to our community that are super curious about moving overseas, but might be nervous about leaving the great NZ nest?
If you’re interested in leaving New Zealand, you should. Life is big and beautiful. If you even have the slightest itch to leave, do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to learn. Relax your shoulders, speak to your friends, plan ahead, be open to creating a mess and be strong enough to stand up on both feet and clean it up.
From reading your writing, to posting on the good ol’ gram, you are genuinely and unapologetically yourself, how did you become such a radiant and confident person?
I was bullied for years throughout school. I was too big for the world I was living in, so I made myself smaller. I’m never doing that again. Life’s not endless, the lights will go out at one point, so bring the fireworks.
You’ve been hailed as the ‘skincare guru’ - what would you say is the real secret to having the ultimate skincare routine?
I really only use Emma Lewisham skincare, to be honest. It truly works best for my skin. Even if you just keep it simple, stripped back - I use the Oil Cleanser and Supernatural Sleeping Mask. It will change your skin’s health and visible appearance.
Tell us, what are your “run to the store immediately” products, ones you have back ups of, in your bag?
Diet coke! Lip balm - I have like 16 different ones. Skin Shield SPF.
How did you find your own signature style, was it an accessory/item of clothing or a moment in your life?
I listen to my body. If I feel sexy or smart in something, I wear it. My style inspiration is my dad, he taught me how to shave and how to wear a crisp shirt. I miss him!
With the mighty imposter syndrome that sometimes surrounds us, when we are starting our careers or even just the next ‘adventure’, what is something you would tell your younger self?
“Lean into yourself Liam, it’s all there.”

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