Firstly, we're so glad to have you as part of our They Say, By Rey journal. This year has been a rollercoaster (with mostly ups!), it feels like we blinked and suddenly it's October.. how has your 2023 been and what have been some of your biggest moments of the year so far?


It sure has flown by! Some big moments for me would be launching my little creative side hustle flora and getting it stocked in RUBY + featured in Fashion Quarterly. I also recently started a new role at L.L Wedding & Event Hire and am loving it - such a cool team and industry to work in and I’m excited to be part of a company that's growing so fast. We also made a lot of progress on our home & land this year so I am feeling very lucky & happy our hard work is paying off! 



We won't lie, we could spend hours scrolling your Instagram gushing over your gorgeous sense of style. We know the key to a good wardrobe are a few gorg staples that you can accessorise and elevate, what are your top three staples in your wardrobe?


Number 1 will always be a good pair of Levis - my favs would be mid-high rise, straight leg, in a classic light blue wash. Number 2 would be a silk slip dress in whatever colour you love most, my favs are from Molly Perkinsons. Number 3 - Any woolies (vest, cardi, sweater) that have a cool knit pattern or fun colours with quality yarn. Monday Journal makes my fav ones and they are pieces you will have forever that you can wear in any season. 







You've been exposed to the fashion industry and worked with some incredible brands. Both as consumers and retailers, we feel there is a change in the way brands and labels are advertising and being seen by their communities. What makes you feel connected and loyal to a brand?


I do think they need to adapt and change in ways over time but I love a brand that stays true to who they are, as well as standing out from the rest - in terms of their overall style and direction. I do think as I’ve gone from a 20 year old to an (almost!!) 30 year old my desire to keep up with trends isn’t as prevalent. Don’t get me wrong I still love a good trend if it’s my style, but I love unique, quality things that I will have for years, so when I find brands I love and they are doing good things, not trying too hard to keep up with everyone else and forging their own path, that’s a brand I will be loyal to - amongst many other things! 


You previously mentioned your flora adornments, we absolutely love and think these are such a unique addition to your wardrobe and accessories drawer! Take us back to where this all started, is it a hobby turned side hustle? And where can we get our hands on them?!


It sure was! I actually made one to wear to a friends wedding earlier this year and had some lovely feedback, so decided to make some more for friends and it all happened from there! You can purchase belts at RUBY as well as my website where you can also find the flora hoops which have been a hit so far!


We have a ban on the words "Cost of Living" in our HQ as it feels like it's all everyone can talk about but we can't help but be curious about your move to Te Puke. Although not completely off the grid, we know some members of our community will have considered moving or heading rural after the last few years. How was the transition for you and what are the best bits about living on your own lifestyle block? 


After enjoying the hustle & bustle of Auckland City for 5 years, home was calling and I moved back to the Mount (just in time for lockdowns) for 2 years before being financially able to take on the rural life with my partner. I do miss parts of being in the big city but I just feel like our work / life balance has improved so much since being here. I understand it wouldn’t be everyones cup of tea but the last 2 years have been amazing for us. Growing our own veggies, being surrounded by nature, as well as working toward a future extra income with our small Kiwi Berry block. We both work full time but coming home to our property is such an amazing feeling and we are stoked on what we have created here. 


A kiwi fruit orchard, a full time job, part time modelling and renovating your lifestyle block. What are your favourite ways to unwind and refill your cup?


Great question! All though our property takes a lot of work - the nature and gardening aspects definitely helps fill my cup. We also made our own wood fire hot tub at home that is such a good way to soak and unwind! Spending time with friends, hitting the beach or going to reformer pilates are some of the things that help me unwind outside of our home. My partner and I also try to have a weekend away every few months to have a break where we don’t have anything else to do except enjoy ourselves!


Our vision for rey, the label is be a part of our customers day-to-day lives, to empower and add to their confidence by being unapologetically themselves. What makes you feel absolutely kick-ass, head up and capable of anything?


When I have an outfit on that I feel COOL in haha - I feel like fashion is such a good way of showing your mood, personality and confidence - aside from your sense of style. 


And finally, no cheating but what would we find in your handbag right now? No judgement zone over here.


I wish it was more exciting! But right now in my rey handbag - a pair of Epokhe sunnies, an original flavour chapstick, minty gum, my fav colourful LV wallet, a travel size perfume and my AirPods!

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